Partners Peter Smith and Katherine Lutz

Partners Peter Smith and Katherine Lutz

Rome Smith & Lutz believes every issue requires a tailored approach. When asked to tackle a problem, the partners craft a unique plan to achieve your goals. Using their years of public policy expertise and their wide range of contacts and professional relationships throughout Connecticut, the Rome Smith & Lutz team can assemble a targeted campaign utilizing whatever tools are required to get the job done.

Whether it means protecting your industry, bonding a capital project or creating and managing a grass roots campaign, the Rome Smith & Lutz team will work with you every step of the way.


We work with elected officials and staff at the highest level of all state agencies, boards and commissions, the legislature and municipal governments to assure success for our clients. Our over 30 years of experience at the Capitol and in local governments across the state enable us to reach the decision makers and the advisors and organizations who influence them. We provide complete lobbying, monitoring and representation throughout state and municipal government.


It isn’t enough to have a message. You have to have the right message and the ability to attract attention to it. Rome Smith & Lutz can assist you in all aspects of your media strategy. We will help you refine your message and develop a communications plan to build public support for your position. We have deep relationships with reporters across the state that enable us to generate coverage of your issue and get your position in front of the public.


Rome Smith & Lutz will help you target the constituency groups and advocates who can influence elected officials. Utilizing our statewide contacts among business and public interest groups, and the latest social media tools, we can work with you to bring together coalitions sympathetic to your goals. By coordinating efforts and messaging, a successful grassroots campaign can expand the reach of your voice and make it stand out in a cluttered policy landscape.